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David Doggett

Milwaukee , USA

Not really a story but a great experience. After growing up in Cambridge for the first 23 years of my life I moved to USA to play football at University in 2005. I was fully aware of the significance that…

Rufus Wilkinson

London , England

Javier Osorno

enjoying my Cambridge Rules book and my page. Picture from when I was a boy and when I was working in London in my Real Betis Kit. Back at home now but loving the book.

Matteo Muller

zurich , switzerland

Switzerland 1 - Spain 0. World Cup finals in South Africa 2010. Although Spain won the World Cup, we were the only team to beat them in that tournament and I was there to see it with the son of… Read More

Ian Beresford

Berwick Upon Tweee, Northumberland

Taking in late 2019. This has been by position watching Berwick Rangers since 1977. This side faces the Sun so early season most games are watched with covered eyes or wearing a hat and even through Winter the sunset will… Read More

Ian Beresford

Berwick Upon Tweed, United Kingdom

Taken at Shielfield Park in October 2018. Our captain was injured and as a PR exercise he was selling programmes as a chance to interact with the fans and help out with match day activity.

Michael Docking

Brandon, Suffolk, United Kingdom

During the CONIFA World Cup of 2018 the officials shirts had a map of the world incorporated into it. Here is the reverse showing part of the globe.

Ali Aufgtsed

cambridge, UK

im a great fan

Steve Pumfrey

Manchester, United Kingdom

This was the first Cambridge United FC team I supported. Born in Cambridge in 1955 I reconnected with Association Football when, in 2001, I moved to Chorlton in South West Manchester - and happened to become a neighbour of this… Read More

David Glennon

Hamilton, ML3, Scotland

Football goals, Hamilton. Sadly development either side of this football pitch and lack of maintenance has meant it gets narrower and narrower each year. Just about enough room for a kickabout. ⚽️ David


Cambridge, United Kingdom | The History of Football in Cambridge. Local sports historian Nigel Fenner talks about Cambridge’s fabled relationship with the beautiful game with Finn Ranson of Varsity, the independent newspaper for the University of Cambridge.

‘Johnnie Rodeo’

Alnmouth, United Kingdom

Shearer alive and well in Alnmouth.

Fulvio Forcellini

Verona, Italy

Today is 12 May 2020, it's 35 years today since Hellas Verona defied the odds and won Serie A. Here are pictures of the celebration and my two children Daniela and David celebrating.

Tom Goddard

Cardiff, United Kingdom

Great memories but still miss Ninian Park...

Jill Howitt

Hull, GT Britain

I have happy memories of taking my children to see Hull City play at home and away. But my proudest moment was when both boys scored in a local cup final. And won!

Aldo Rinaldi

London, United Kingdom

One of the most secluded beaches on the Gower, in Wales. 'Pwll Du' (Welsh for "black pool") is an almost circular cove at the edge of Bishopston Valley. Sheltered from high cliffs on either side, the bay is protected from… Read More

Maracana Cambridge Rules 1848 Official Film

It’s one of the most legendary locations in sport, so it was fitting that the first of five stones inscribed with the original rules of football that the Cambridge Rules 1848 project celebrates was unveiled at The Maracanã Stadium in… Read More


London, UK

Happy faces after sneaking into Crystal Palace's changing rooms during our friend Stu's charity football match.

Stewart Jenkin

London, UK

Caught at a nervy moment on MOTD

Robert Nichols

Middlesbrough, England, UK

I had been brought up into the Boro tradition. My dad departed to Ayresome Park every Saturday and would return at tea time to tales of woe, never again, never again. Another nail in their coffin... before setting out the…

Robert Nichols

Middlesbrough, England, UK

May 7th 2016 - Middlesbrough v Brighton and Hove Albion Minutes before kick off. This was a rare moment of intense emotion and support for our cause, as experienced from my seat in the North Stand at the Riverside. When… Read More

Edwin Van Den Berg

johannesburg, south africa

The World Cup in South Africa changed our country overnight. I do not remember joy like that for a very long time. The only great sadness was that just before the opening ceremony Nelson Mandella's 13 year old granddaughter Zenani,… Read More

Shamus O’Neil

dublin, ireland

Shamrock Rovers FC - The best team in Ireland. Love going there, love seeing the team in green

peter smith

southampton, england

Never been to Asia before - amazing few weeks.


Manchester, United Kingdom

A flea-market find. A football programme from Сентябрь September 17th, 1987, between "локомотив" Москва (Locomotiv Moscow) and даугава (Riga). This led me to look up Moscow's opponents and I found a video about their beautiful stadium at Of course…


Manchester, United Kingdom

New five-a-side pitch in stainless steel spotted in Ghent, a really lovely modernist piece of pitch architecture. Why do their pitches always look nicer than ours...

Paul Hands

Burbage, United Kingdom

I went back to college as a mature student to learn photography and managed to mix my passion of football with photography and avoided the ridiculous licencing crap you have to go through to photograph officially at a football match…

Jon B

Bollington, United Kingdom

Got, Got, Not Got... Completed this season's special panini style ncfc celebration

Peter Dench

London, United Kingdom

There’s no day like an away day and they’re the only footballing days I do. I support AFC Bournemouth but live in central London so I’m pretty much half-way to an away day already. I can currently journey to six… Read More

Mick Docking

Huddersfield, United Kingdom

During a visit to Westfields I realised I could see the floodlights to three grounds in total. Besides Westfield, to the left and over the fence behind the path is the floodlights of Hereford Lads Club. Then If you look… Read More

nigel stephens

Croydon, England

Chloe my daughter and me outside Wembley for and England match. No longer our home since we are back at White Hart Lane - and not too soon!

Henry Castle

imil Valley Atlas mountains Morocco, Morocco

On Holiday in Morocco

Ken Peters

Anfield road, Liverpool, England

Last Summer - a famous night in Anfield at the Sandon pub garden

Dave McGinn

hackney wick , england

I work in the east end of London in Hackney Wick - but my team is on the other side of the Olympic park. We have fallen on hard times but Leyton Orient will always be my team.

Hossen Abdulla

Cairo, Egypt

I like Egypt and this is the best player


Cairo , Egypt

we play all the time

John Locke

kellerberrin, Australia

The photograph was taken out behind the back of the pub in Doodlakine, Western Population 190 people and about 200 kilometres inland from Perth. Once this was going to be a great new settlement, but even the goalposts see little…

Joseph Abrams

Jaffa, israel

We are Macabi Tel Aviv - but share our stadium with two other football teams including Hapoel Tel Aviv - our rivals. Macabi Tel Aviv is the oldest football club in Israel established in 1906

Yossi Cohen

Jaffa, Israel

My best things - football and the beach.

Yossi cohen

jaffa, israel

My best friend Abi, is a bayern fan, but mostly we get on

Henry Castle

Imil Valley Atlas mountains Morocco, Morocco

On holiday with my girlfriend walking in the Atlas Mountains - entertained by football in a stoney landscape.


Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine

FC Zirca Kropyvnytskyi


Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine

the tv commentator's box


Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine

Привіт, мене звати Дмитро Я підтримую ФК «Зірка Кропивницький» (український: ФК «Зірка Кропивницький») - український професійний футбольний клуб з Кропивницького, Кіровоградська область, його команда зараз грає в Українській аматорській лізі. Клуб простежує свою історію футбольної команди, яка існувала на британській… Read More


Kropyvnytskyi, Ukraine

Я живу в Кропивницькому у старому єврейському кварталі Це комунальна ігрова зона біля моєї квартири

Itamar Mizrahi

Arad, Israel

אני אוהד ליברפול משנת 1990, בזכות רוני רוזנטל אך הסיפור שלי הוא על גמר ליגת האלופות. בשנת 2005 ליברפול הגיעה לגמר ליגת האלופות נגד מילאן האיטלקית. מד הלחץ וההתרגשות מעולם לא היו גבוהים יותר, וכך גם ההכנות בבית הוריי. אימי…

Cambridge Rules 1848 stone arrives in Chennai!

Chennai, India

The stone for India as arrived at Karunalaya Social Centre, Chennai, India. The Karunalaya use football to help rehabilitate and protect street cheildren. The girls are excited to see it being installed in the playground where they practise their football… Read More

Stephen Done

liverpool, england

looking for space for our latest museum addition. Stephen, curator of the Liverpool football Club Museum.

Hussain Abdullar

cairo, egypt

We are the first and second teams just getting ready for our weekly training session. We might even have the next Mo Salah amongst our squad!

joan gabie

stroud, england

Not an ordinary weekend in Liverpool. 2 hours before kick-off in the champions league final 2019 - we were crowded in the beer garden of the Sandon Pub - famous as the birthplace of Liverpool FC and just yards away… Read More

neville gabie

stroud, england

When Alan and I began this commission three years ago I used this image for my profile - but after the weekend I think it needs updating.

Eva Swenden

Beerzel, Belgium

This is a photograph of me and two other Belgian football friends. It's the first year the three of us are playing in one team and it's really awesome. Our team is called K. Massenhoven VC. Dames but in fact… Read More


Balnakeil, Scotland

Every year three families travel to Scotland for a holiday at Easter and during that break the annual football tournament takes place – mums and sons V fathers and daughters – each location is often beautiful, and invariably the matches…

Charlie Roadnight

Manchester, United Kingdom

When the Cambridge Rules project first started I was travelling through South America and I posted a few pictures on this website of some amazing football places I experienced. It was great to visit Cambridge and see the final sculpture… Read More


cairo, Egypt

I am a freind of Gamal's and we work as waiters in the same cafe. I have never been to Manchester but I like my shirt.


Cairo, Egypt

My name is Gamal. I live in Cairo and work as a waiter in a cafe, but I really live for my team - Al Ahly. It is a team with a great history, but also much tragedy in recent… Read More


Cairo, Egypt

My name is Gamal and my team is Al Ahly. In 2012 72 of our Ultras died after a game with the team Al Masry in Port Siad when their fans attacked us. The stadium was locked, so we could… Read More


Manchester, United Kingdom

Three football stickers found on a sign-post in the far reaches of the north of Scotland, from Young Boys of Bern. But as there isn't a Bern entry so far we have added it to the map in Switzerland. Since… Read More

Alex Paterson

Manchester, United Kingdom

23rd March 2019 | Non-League Dogs Day | West Didsbury and Chorlton FC WD&C FC dedicate a match to dogs! 58 dog owners brought their pooches to the match, and paraded them at half-time. A supporter from Biggleswade and his… Read More

Four Four Ewe

Durness, United Kingdom

Durness FC, a village team at the very top of Scotland on North-West coast. Not sure what level they play at in the Scottish football pyramid, and sadly no games whilst we were there but plenty of activity on the… Read More

tobias gabie

stroud, england

Today was a huge day and a perfect one to be in Liverpool. In LFC and in Jurgen Klopp we still believe! Six games to go- Tobias.

Jan Voljoen

merriman, south africa

Merman Northern Cape, South Africa. The temperature today was 38 degrees, so no one wanted to play.


Manchester, United Kingdom

West Didsbury and Chorlton FC One of the hipsterist clubs I've ever been to. It's all done in the best possible ironic taste! They sing 'Hummus, hummus hummus… quinoa, quinoa, quinoa' to the tune of 2 Unlimited’s 'No Limit' rather… Read More

Naasley Eugene Swiers

Graaf Reinet, South Africa

My name is Naasley Eugene Swiers and I am the coach of the Young Lions Football team in Neu Bethesada a boys team. I am also an artist at the Neu Bethesda Arts Centre where we tell the stories of… Read More

Alan Ward

Ghent, Belgium

This is an abstract painting of pitch markings by Belgium artist Raoul De Keyser (1930-2012). He had a fascination for the football pitch that he could see from his studio window and painted many abstractions of pitch markings exploring the… Read More


Manchester, UK

Every day I walk to work past this sign, with all the supporters stickers on it. It often changes after matches. My local team West Didsbury and Chorlton FC is represented but is being covered by other stickers, it is… Read More


Wroclaw, Poland


nathan flag

away at Oxford United -

Bartek and Slawek

Ely, United Kingdom

Bartek bought a merch for his father as a Christmas gift. To his surprise, his father bought the same one for him. Now they can both support their favourite team in the right garments.


Shkodër, Albania

Hi my name is Erlis, I'm a tour guide for cycling holidays in Albania. Recently Alan, one of the Cambridge Rules artists, was on one of my tours and he told me about the Cambridge Rules. We watched Albania play…

Linda Dunn

Gjirokastër, Albania

If you look carefully there is a lovely stadium nestling amongst the houses in beautiful Gjirokastër, Albania. The Stadiumi Luftetari is home to KF Luftëtari Gjirokastër. It has a capacity of 8400. The team came third in the Albania Superliga… Read More

Linda Dunn

Petran, Albania

A road side grave for a football fan or player in Albania. It looks a bit like a tournament trophy. I looked its location up on returning to UK, and it is there on streetview, but there is no football… Read More

Linda Dunn

Mollas, Albania

Whilst on a cycling holiday in Albania I saw this well used pitch, with a wonderful mountain range in the background. So I stopped to take a picture for the website.

Mike Dunn

Northampton , England

You’re never too old for football. If you’re over 50, try Walking Football. I play twice a week for Northampton Town Walking Football club. Great exercise and perfect for anyone with football in their blood. The picture is at a… Read More


Manchester, UK

The tennis net certainly adds a new element to classic five-a-side.

Martin Russell

London, UK

Matabeleland fan collecting funds for their CONIFA 2018 appearance at Haringay Borough. The only football ground on White Hart Lane.

Sylvester Peters

London, UK

Here at Fisher's ground watching Punjab against Cascadia in the CONIFA cup, with a view of the Isle of Dogs in the background

Back Garden Goalpost, Cockfield

Cockfield nr Bishop Auckland, United Kingdom

Chairs positioned as a wall for free kick practice, black top on the ground where the penalty spot should be and a broken window. A picture tells a thousands words...

Nigel Fenner

Cambridge, UK

I attended the unveiling of the Cambridge Rules 1848 sculpture on Parker's Piece on Saturday 12th May 2018 and was so impressed, that it prompted me to make a contribution to the website. I was very fortunate to be a…

Mark Smith

Biggleswade, United Kingdom

Being born and raised in Stevenage, I chose to follow my local football team (then "Stevenage Borough") on a regular basis in my later teenage years. Nowadays, this is a decision I mostly regret! However, following the Super Boro has…

Gavin Head

Cambridge, England

I think it is the lifelong friends that I have made from playing and coaching football. They are special people with a unique bond sharing the same memories that give you a little tingle when recalled upon reunion. Of course…

A Special Unveiling Poem by Carol Ann Wood: Cambridge Rules Okay

Cambridge, UK

The beautiful game brings us passion and joy, To many an adult, or small girl and boy. It brings friends together, and sometimes brings tears When you follow your team through the trophy-less years. But mostly there’s passion and striving…

Shengjiong Qiu

Shanghai, China

I am Shengjiong Qiu, the goalkeeper of the Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Football Club. 我是上海绿地申花足球俱乐部的守门员邱盛炯,这次我们绿地申花可以代表上海、代表中国、乃至亚洲迎接剑桥现代足球规则石的到来,感到非常的兴奋与喜悦。申花是我职业生涯中唯一效力的俱乐部,作为一名已过而立之年的老队员,我曾经入选过中国奥林匹克队,作为主力门将参加过2008年的北京奥运会,也经历过长时间作为替补守门员,只能在场下关注比赛的不甘与寂寞。多年的风风雨雨让我遍尝到足球所带来的高峰、荣耀、低谷和痛苦。这也是人生的缩影吧,虽然潮起潮落但依然要坦然面对。足球,作为世界上第一大运动必将永远受到世人的关注和喜爱,而有幸作为一名门将的我深爱着这份职业,守门员是球队里的最后一道防线,最需要如磐石一般的硬度和坚忍不拔。即便岁月逝去,时光会磨去些我身上的锋芒,但我一定会如剑桥现代足球规则之石那样忠诚地守护着申花,任凭风吹雨打,一直都在!

Matt Broadbent

Sisakete, Thailand

Hi, my name is Matt and I'm the person who did all the etching at Scribblestone on the pieces of the Cambridge Rules scultpure. This is my wife's football shirt from where she grew up in Thailand. They play at… Read More

Marlene Batina

Lamego, Portugal

Ser benfiquista não se explica. Sente-se.

Cambridge Rules 1848: an interview with the artists

Cambridge, UK

An Interview with the artists Neville Gabie and Alan Ward exploring the Cambridge Rules commission.

Sarah Hamilton

Cape 3 Points Village, Ghana

Playing Football with some gorgeous kids in Cape 3 Points Ghana. Whilst volunteering at the football Academy Right To Dream.

Jo Scholar

Cape 3 Points, Ghana

We had great afternoon playing football with our young friends here. This is their pitch which we found in the village. Three of us were in Ghana teaching art at a football Academy near Accra.

Tobias Gabie

Took this photograph on a very windy beach in Essaouira.

Prem Kiara

Rawai, Thailand

I am playing for the gypsy village team from Rawai on Phuket island. Today we have a tournament.

pete overton

peshawar, pakistan

When it was still easier to travel in the northern parts of Pakistan, I spent some time in Peshawar. Often I would see boys playing football and cricket, but on this occasion one of the boys brought a pet pigeon…

Chandlers Ford England Supporters

chandlers ford, england

we are the Chandlers Ford England supporters group - preparing for another World Cup. Bring it on!

Alan Ward

Manchester, United Kingdom

Forres Mechanicals v Inverurie Loco Works - a game to conjure in the mind as the results are being read out on the radio. I had a rare chance to visit a Highland League game, but missed the mid-week game… Read More

Alan Ward

Manchester, United Kingdom

After the match at Forres Mechanicals, it's down to the pub to celebrate! Forres Mechanicals 2 Inverurie Loco Works 0 It would have been great to celebrate the home win in the advertised pub, the sign strategically positioned next to… Read More

Lorenzo and Matteo

genoa, italy

We both have season tickets at the club and Genoa is the real people team for the city. Our badge is like England's - a George Cross.

Tom Arkwirght

Preston, UK

neville gabie

Cyrille Regis 26th September 2017. One of the very few perks in being a Forest Green Season ticket holder in a season, which has been disappointingly poor, was being invited as a VIP guest of Cambridge United to see the…

Paul Rosenbloom

London, UK

In 1964, Man United drew twice with Sunderland in the FA Cup Sixth Round, 3-3 at Old Trafford and 2-2 in the replay at Roker Park. The second replay was scheduled for Monday night, 09 March at Leeds Road, then…

Northern Canary

Barnsley, United Kingdom

This sticker was photographed in the away end at Barnsley, so I'll pin it to the map there, but it's got an interesting story attached to it. Stamford Association Football Club currently play in the Premier Division of the Northern… Read More

Dave Bradford

Lyon, France

An unusual pitch - probably not regulation, and possibly not for 11 a side. Sadly didn't see a game played in it but would have been fun to have had a kick about in, 1 v 1.

Kevin Hives

Shanghai, China

Shanghai Greenland Shenhua F.C. The team is based in Kangqiao, Shanghai and their home stadium is the Hongkou Football Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 33,060. Their current majority shareholder is Chinese developer Greenland Group who officially took over… Read More

Kevin Hives

Shanghai, China

On a recent visit to Shanghai, I visited the Greenland Shenhua stadium for my friends at Cambridge Rules 1848. The term shen hua translates as "the Flower of Shanghai" in English – shen is one of the alternative names of… Read More

Andres Novoa

Valencia, Spain

The photo was taken in Valencia 25 August 2016, with my grandmother, drinking Horchata the typical drink from Valencia.

formed in 1884

Aberystywyth, Wales

A snow covered Park Avenue, home of Aberystwyth Town FC, one of the best grounds in the Welsh Premier League.


A very, very long table football, strategically placed between three nightclubs and a casino for Newcastle's rowdy stag party scene. Predicting a tough midfield battle.

Stadium 19-8

Nha Trang, Vietnam

The Nha Trang Stadium, or officially Sân vận động 19 tháng 8, is a multi-use stadium in Nha Trang, Vietnam. It is currently the home stadium of Sanna Khanh Hoa F.C. It has a capacity of 25,000. The Sanna Khánh… Read More

Y – Cycle Tour Guide and Mechanic

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Hi my name is Y and I'm a cycle guide and bike mechanic for Exodus Tours here in Vietnam - I watch the Premier League a lot here on tv.

Alan Ward

Binh Hung, Vietnam

A completely enclosed synthetic 5 a side pitch in Binh Hung - described as a Soccer Field. Photograph taken whilst on a cycling holiday in Vietnam.

Kevin Hives

Northampton, England

On a recent night out with my family I was fortunate to meet some Spurs legends from the FA Cup glory years of the early 80’s Paul Miller, Steve Perryman, Ossie Ardiles and John Pratt (I’m in the middle with…

Florian Peeters

Mechelen, Belgium

The club shop at Mechelen could do with a coat of paint.

Florian Peeters

Mechelen, Belgium

The arrow pointing to the sticker is so powerful! This was on a small residential street near Mechelen's ground

Django Scott – Parkside Community College

Cambridge, UK

First match I every watched live - got the shirt to prove it.

Fergus Brennan

Cambridge, UK

I love this retro shirt, the badge is great!

Joshua Turner – Trumpington College

Cambridge, UK

Cherry Hinton Lions is a football club based in Cambridge which has 17 youth teams ranging from under 6 to under 17. Our teams play in the Cambridgeshire FA Mini Soccer and the Cambridge and District Colts leagues.

Freya Standing – Parkside Community College

Cambridge, UK

I love the shirt


Cambridge, UK

History of Football, The Cambridge Rules by Mexican TV AZTEC

Cambridge, UK

Found on youtube. The World's fascination - from a Mexican perspective - with the early game and Parker's Piece. Looks like this one features Parkside School kids playing.

Jess – Parkside Community College & Drika

Cambridge, Uk

My Football inspiration.

Mehmet Kocager – Coleridge Community College

Cambridge, UK

My family's team!

Italian youtube of the early games at Parker’s Piece

Cambridge, UK

Here's a little film we found on youtube that shows a recreation of an early game.

FC Lokomotiv Moscow

Moscow, Russia

Manchester United don't have a train outside their ground but maybe they should! FC Lokomotiv Moscow. Lokomotiv was founded as Kazanka (Moskovskaya-Kazanskaya Zh.D) in 1922. In 1924, the club united the strongest football players of several roads of the Moscow… Read More

Roma badge

Cambridge, UK

I just love the club and the badge - Forza Roma!

NAFAS pitch in Cairo

This is where the organisation I work for NAFAS play football - We empowering children at risk through sports in a safe place. You can view many more pictures on our instagram account at nafas_eg

Corinthians Sports

Cambridge, UK

We are a Christian team who train at Parkers Piece - we were competing in the Big Weekend Football tournament. "Corinthians we are not born to a make a living, we are born to make a difference."


Cambridge, UK

Was on my way to a pre-season friendly and meet the Cambridge Rules artists at Parkers Piece.

Rules read in Arabic by Karim @ NAFAS

Al Abageyah, Qism El-Khalifa, Cairo, Egypt

Al-Ahli SC

Cambridge, Libya

Keir Harper – Parkside Community College

Cambridge, England

I support Arsenal and have followed them from birth until one day in year 1 I came home and loudly stated that I would be supporting "tanchester united " my dad quickly told me "no just no". Later I had…

Elijah – Parkside Community College

Cambridge, UK

A year ago, I went to my friends house and then I saw Cambridge United players walking down the street to the stadium, and I was so excited but I didn't get their signatures.

Theo Beckett-Dia – Parkside Community College

Cambridge, England

When I was around 8 years old, in Year 4, I played in a football tournament. We played against different schools. I played in left wing. This was probably the third time I have played in a tournament. It was…

Mason Hudson – Parkside Community College

cambridge, england

about a year ago or two i met akinfenwa at cambridge united match , i was so gassed about even seeing him but when i got a picture and his signature it was maud

Django Scott – Parkside Community College

Cambridge, United Kingdom

The first football match I watched live was Wellington Phoenix and Adelaide United playing each other in the Hyundai-A League. It was at the Westpac Stadium (A.K.A The Cake Tin)in New Zealand. The stadium can hold up to 48 thousand…

Oscar Mohammadpour

Cambridge, England

In year 6, we went on a school trip to Butlins and on the way back from our journey I saw Raheem Sterling at King's Cross train station. I had to double check to see if it was actually him…

W. Gabie

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

I woke up in Ubud got on my scooter and decided to ride wherever the road took me. It was early and the sun was strong. The road glistened from the heavy rain the night before. I cruised up a… Read More




Malachy McCrudden

Newtownabbey, Ireland

Jessica Hutting

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jambore Futsal Anak (JFA) adalah ajang kompetisi, persahabatan, dan kampanye hak anak. Jambore Futsal Anak dimulai pertama kali pada 6-7 Desember 2014 yang diselenggarakan di Yayasan Kampus Diakoneia Modern (KDM), Bekasi dan diinisiasi setelah KDM menjadi bagian dari proyek Street…

Carol Ann Wood


Geezer Love I’ve been an ardent Chelsea supporter since 1970, and I’m a massive fan of David Luiz. When he returned to Chelsea last summer, I was delighted. I wanted to show my love for him, but I’d already bought…

Carol Ann Wood

United Kingdom

This is my precious match shirt worn by David Luiz that he gave me last season. 😊💙⚽️


Cambridge, United Kingdom

Mandel Torquat

Fortaleza, Brazil

Alice Wroe

London, United Kingdom

Alan Ward

Manchester, UK

Футбольная наклейка ФК «Динамо» в Москве на светильнике возле метро «Трабская», Москва Futbol'naya nakleyka FK «Dinamo» v Moskve na svetil'nike vozle metro «Trabskaya», Moskva FC Dynamo Moscow football sticker on lamp-post near Trabnaya metro, Moscow

Amereca Xochimilco


Dieudonne Nahimana

Bujumbura, Burundi

Paul Sunder Singh

Chennai, India

I am Paul Sunder Singh from Chennai. I work for and we will be part of the Street Child World Cup in 2018. We are also one of the recipients of a piece of the Cambridge Rules 1848 stone.… Read More

Bruno Ramos

Barcelona, Spain

I work for Street Child United

Brian Whittaker

Cricklade, United Kingdom

Matvey Manizer and the Russian Footballer

Moscow, Russia

Ploshchad Revolyutsii (Russian: Пло́щадь Револю́ции) is one of the most famous stations of the Moscow Metro, in the Tverskoy District of central Moscow. The station is named after Revolution Square, under which it is located. It is located on the…

John Wroe

Swansea, United Kingdom

CEO of

Edley Maurer

Triolet, Mauritius

Gareth Parker

London, United Kingdom

Khusbu Oli

Kathmandu, Nepal

Santosh Kazki

Kathmandu, Nepal

Molly King

Portland, Oregon, United States



Moscow, Russia

Tiny football badge bought in the flea market at Vernisazh, Izmailovsky Park, Moscow

Jo Wroe

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Ruby Wroe

London, United Kingdom

Karim Hosny

Cairo, Egypt

I am Karim Hosny from the NAFAS project in Cairo we are going to be part of the Street Child World Cup to be held in Moscow in 2018. Our facebook page is here Instagram nafas_eg

Jo Clark

London, United Kingdom

I work for Street Child United, Cambridge

Tom Whittaker

Cricklade, United Kingdom

Gareth Parker

London, United Kingdom

Jessica Hutting

Bekasi, Indonesia

Paul Sunder Singh

Chennai, India

Darla Bardine

Washington D.C., United States

Florence Soyekwo

Kampala, India


Mombasa, Kenya

Adam Reid

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Head of Street Child United Brazil office, Rio de Janeiro

Santosh Kazki & Khusbu Oli

Kathmandu, Nepal

A Rare Honour

Karunalaya, India

In the Photograph Mr.S.John Bosco (Wearing a dark stripped Shirt & Spectacles) President of Karunalaya is on the left and B.Ravikumar David (wearing a light colour checked shirt), Vice President of Karunalaya is on the right. It was an unforgettable…

The lucky mascots of Ghent Ladies

Mechelen, Belgium

The day @kaagentladies won their first trophy. Myself and Neville worked with the Gent Womens team on a seperate project called Ladies of Gent. During that period we visited several times and never saw them lose a match - in…

What connects Jimmy’s and the game of football?

Cambridge, UK

Parkers Piece of course. In 2000, the Zion Eagles, a football team for homeless people in Cambridge, discovered that the city had played a major role in the development of the FA rules. They organised a commemorative football against the…

neville gabie

nailsworth, gloucestershire

Tears and Falafel After the final whistle a man I have known since he was a primary school friend of my sons, stood crying uncontrollably in front of me. ‘If I am such an emotional wreck after a football match,…

Jeremy Hunt

Birmingham, UK

I will be appearing in my iconic 1957 FA Cup winning claret and blue Villa shirt in a theatrical event 'Stadium' at the Birmingham Rep June 9-17, 2017. The drama of theatre meets the thrill of football told through the…


Epuyen, Argentina

This year Tigre will be 115 years old, but is still running strong and young at heart, and you can bet that every sunday for the foreseeable future we will be watching the game, going from joy to pain as… Read More

Uberto and Lucas

Empuyen, Argentina

With Lucas, already back then, we were die hard fans of Tigre, the greatest team of them all. Because of course you know that the greatest team on earth is the one that lives in your heart, wherever you may… Read More

The Winter Game

Manchester, UK

Whilst researching the history of Parker's Piece, the artists Alan and Neville visited the Wren Library at Trinity College and were shown the following booklet. The Winter Game: Rules of Football by J. C. T. to which are added THE…

Richard Bishop

Old Boltonians FC in Chapeltown. This ground was originally used by Turton FC, one of the pioneers of football in the North West. Records show football has been played on this site since at least 1856. Among the clubs to… Read More

David Pendleton

Bradford, United Kingdom

How do you celebrate a fifty-something birthday? Three games in four days. Saturday 11 March Coventry City v Bradford City, League One, England. Coventry City's new ground is a far cry from their atmospheric former Highfield Road ground. The new…

Daniel Peyrou

Montevideo, Uruguay

Como buen uruguayo, nací gritando gol, y empecé a patear la pelota antes de caminar. Desde mis primeros meses de vida comencé a asistir a los partidos de futbol que veían a Peñarol como participante. En aquellos tiempos, sin violencia…

Damian Vega

Coyhaique, Chile

Gracias a mi abuela, desde muy chico me apasione del Colo-Colo. Recuerdo que desde mis 8 años miravamos juntos todos los paridos en la television en blanco y negro. En el 1991 ganamos la Copa Libertadores de America . Tembién… Read More

Aurélien Kopp

Voici Paul Pogba, un jouer que j'apprécie beaucoup et qui joue au même poste que moi. Mais il y a d'autre joueurs qui m'ont marqué, comme Fernando Torres, Julian Draxler et Coutinho Je me rappelle d'un match à Berlin, quand…

Ulysse Kopp

Lyon, France

Manuel Neuer est mon gardien préféré, car il a fait sa formation chez Schalke 04 qui est l'équipe que je supporte. Je le suis depuis que je m'intéresse au football, c'est à dire depuis que j'ai 4 ans. Je me…


Gaiman, Argentina

This is Pompom, who we found wondering around Gaiman - a Welsh settlement town in Argentina. Pompom, obviously a supporter of Boca didn't tell us much, but one thing we found out was that the team was created by a… Read More

Niclas Peters-Frazer

Hanover, Germany

Die Hannover 96 wurde im Jahre 1896 gegründet. Hannover hat zwei deutsche Meisterschaften und einen DFB-Pokal gewonnen. Das Hannover-Stadion ist die HDI-Arena. Hannover 96 hat eine große Rivalität mit VfL Wolfsburg und Eintracht Braunschweig. Diese Fußballaufkleber wurden außerhalb des Bierhauses… Read More


Nr. Carapito, Portugal

Video of the Cambridge Rules 1848 block of granite being split at the quarry it came from in Portugal.

Rodolfo Silva

Porto, Portugal

Boavista Stadium Manager and youth team player Rodolfo Silva talks about his experiences with the club from the centre of the pitch. He was a striker. @boavistaoficial

Elena Montero

Vigo, Spain

Rules 1, 3 and 10 read in Spanish by Elena Montero. She is an avid Celta Vigo fan.

Belarmino Fonseca

Lamego, Portugal

Belarmino Fonseca of Granitos Lamecense Ltd, tells us how he used to play for Sporting Clube de Lamego. Training consisted of running up the 365 steps to the Cathedral.

Delfim Duarte Santiago

Lamego, Portugal

This is the president, Delfim Duarte Santiago, of Sporting Clube de Lamego He tells us who the best player he has seen play there, and how they train up the steps of Lamego Cathedral 'Juntos somos mais Forties'

Diogo Tomás

Lamego, Portugal

O meu nome é Diogo Tomás , sou de Lamego sou adepto do Sport Lisboa Benfica . Jogo à 3 anos futebol nos Cracks Clube de Lamego a médio esquerdo. O meu sonho é ser jogador de futebol.

SD Eibar – ‘The Rise and Rise’ of the Local Community Club

Manchester, UK

When football fans around the world think of La Liga in Spain, rarely do they think beyond Real, Barca, or teams based at a host of holiday resorts. However, hidden in the mountains in the Basque country and equidistant from…

CambridgeRules1848 – the sculpture

The 'cambridge 1848 stone' has now been completely split into its nine pieces and is really beginning to look like the visual. The pieces, each weighing about 1.5 tonnes, will now be shipped to the UK to our specialist engravers,…

Anton Kopp

Lyon, France

Voici Fernando Torres, qui est mon joueur préféré et qui marque le but décisive, le but dont j'ai rêvé tout au long du match contre le Barça pour qualifier Chelsea en finale de la ligue des champions en 2012 pour…

Belarmino Jesus Fonseca

5100-879, Portugal

Esta é uma fotografia do meu filho Alexio que joga futebol no Sporting club de Lamego.

Belarmino Jesus Fonseca

Lamego, Portugal

Foto de quando eu jogava futebol na Suíça

Elena Montero

Vigo, España

Estábamos en Portugal de vacaciones, cuando Portugal se proclamó campeón de Europa en 2016 y este es el video de las celebraciones espontáneas en la calle en Aveiro Portugal

neville gabie

halley V research station, antarctica

Football in Antarctica In a week where Halley 6 research station in Antarctica has been on the national news because the British Antarctic Survey are to shut the base over winter for safety reasons – now seemed like a good… Read More

neville gabie

weddell sea, antarctica

a photograph taken by Frank Hurley, part of Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated expedition to Antarctica in 1913. The ship got stuck in the ice on the Weddell sea and was ultimately abandoned. The photograph is of a game of football played… Read More

Rodolfo Silva

Porto, Portugal

I am the stadium manager at Boavista Futebol Clube - I played in the youth teams and was a no. 10 striker

Paula Tomás

Lamego, Portugal

Faço parte da equipa de Granitos Lamecense, a qual participou na construçao das pedras para as regras de Cambridge.

O meu nome e Nelson. E son benfiquista

lamego, Portugal

Nelson works at the factory in Portugal where the stone for the Cambridge Rules 1848 sculpture is being worked on. He supports Benfica

John Standup

Stroud , England

Non –league in the fog. Forest Green Rovers v Dover Athletic. 17th December 2016 With a 45 minute delay for floodlight failure, our game kicked off when most were beginning their half-time break. By the beginning of the second half… Read More

Robin Ireland

Mong Kok, Hong Kong

There you go, Alan @Parkers1848 @AXIS_DESIGN. Stadium in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 Premier League apparently. Sorry I couldn't see a game #MongKok @healthystadia. Mong Kok Stadium (Chinese: 旺角大球場) is a stadium on Flower Market Road, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. With a… Read More

Adam Johnson Charity-Williams

Oxford, l'angleterre

This is my football team, Hinksey Park Under 11's. I play for them every Sunday and I play as a left back for them. Playing for Hinksey is always really fun as we frequently score lots of goals. It is… Read More

Robyn Gabie

Genoa, Italy

Tidal football pitch in Dakhla, Western Sahara. Covered by the sea as it disappears under water every high tide.

Jorge Llambias

Atlantida, Uruguay

Un hincha de Nacional La cosa es así: nací y me crié en un hogar nacionalófilo (quiere decir hincha de Nacional). Entre álbumes de football que mi padre atesoraba y los cuentos familiares con mis tíos, que salvo uno eran…

Javier Osorno

Sevilla, Spain

Giving presents and watching matchs of Real Betis Balompie is how a 2 year old kid started supporting a team having his dad and brother who support the rival team in the same city by his uncle who wanted him… Read More

Seb Ward

Newcastle, UK

My first outing with the Newcastle University Non-League Society took me as far as Whitley Bay, a small town on the North East coast. The home side put on a show for our student contingent, weathering an early onslaught before… Read More


Sampdoria, Italy

Alan Ward

Barcelona, Spain

Whilst on holiday I came across this unusual football pitch in the Olympic Park in Barcelona, sadly no one was around playing at the time - has anyone ever played this type of table (head?) football?

Hugo Berrin

Steinfischbach, Germany Aus der Vereinsgeschichte Zusammengestellt von August Moos, 1. Vorsitzender (1964) Mit dem Leitgedanken sich selbst und das ganze Volk in bestem Gesundheitszustand zu wissen, wurde am 3. Juli 1904 im Saalbau Bank zu Steinfischbach ein Turnverein gegründet. Noch in… Read More

Victor S

Barcelona, Spain

Jim Sherwood

Colne, UK

Looking out over the wilds of Colne, there just happens to be a football match in the foreground.

Seb Ward

Up, up, up they go. Those big orange balloons. Into the evening sky. We weren't sure then and we're still not sure now why they were released. Perhaps some sort of celebration of the new season, like smashing a bottle…

Peter & Stephie @dutchuncles

Chorlton, UK

'Friends told us about this club and as soon as we came down we fell in love with it. There's a really nice spirit, everyone's really lovely and we just keep bringing more of our friends down; everyone loves it… Read More


Ghent, Belgium

Susan Gunn

Manchester, United Kingdom

I organised a ‘Gunn’ family holiday to Barcelona to take in some art, culture and football; the flights and accommodation were booked to take in FC Barcelona v Real Betis game in the Spanish Super Cup, listed on the official…


phuket, thailand

I used to play for Phuket Town - now I just do some training

Gill Hayes

Manchester, UK

May 9th 1987 and Burnley stood on the edge of oblivion. Needing a win to avoid relegation out of the football league, they were playing at a standard that made their league position perfectly reasonable. I'm a life-long Burnley fan…

Tobias Gabie

Rawai, Phuket, Thailand, Thailand

Chalong Police - Station Chief Officer and Chalong Police FC player Being in Thailand meant staying up until 4am to see Liverpool play Villa Real in the Europa League Semi-Final. Looking out into the night sky, not far from where… Read More

Xie Tian

Anning City, Yunnan Province,, China

When I am not working in the blast furnaces I do soccer training. This is where we go. It is next to the KISCO stadium in Anning City.

Christopher Priday

Havant, England

Liam visted his 100th football ground on 5th December 2015 as Alton Town played host to East Cowes Victoria in their final game at their Bass Sports Ground. Follow Liam's travels on twitter @Cpriday

Christopher Priday

Havant, England

My son, Liam, joined my Dad and I for a trip to Mansfield Town to watch our beloved Cambridge United. Field Mill was Liam's 127th different ground and the 59th of the 2015-16 season. It was his 34th of the… Read More

Christopher Priday

Havant, England

Liam visits our local club Horndean to record his 91st different football ground on 17.10.2015. Keep up to date with Liam's groundhopping on twitter via @Cpriday

Néstor García Melcón


We've loved hearing about Uruguayan Premier League outfit CA Cerro from Néstor. And after we published his image last month, he got in touch again to explain just what makes this team so important to him. The text below is…

Thomas Schill

Freiburg, Deutschland

Der andere vetein einmalic in Deutschland - kleines geld - guter fussball. Nie mehr 2 liga. Ich fliege gerne nahe am stadion bei einem match!


Llansantffraid, Wales

"They'll be dancing in the streets of Total Network Solutions tonight!" I used to go to watch TNS (Total Network Solutions) – as they were called back then – now they are called The New Saints. They played at a… Read More

Néstor García Melcón


Nestor sent Cambridge Rules this image with no text. First of all we wrote to him to ask him for a bit more information about why he supported CA Cerro from Montevideo, who are fifth in the Uruguayan Premier League… Read More

Georgina Gardner Stockley

Moscow, Russia

Spartak vs. Lokomotiv. October 2015. My first experience of a Russian football match. I went with my French friend Elodie and not only did it feel like we were the only non-Russians in attendance we were the only females not… Read More

Wu He

Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

I like to watch football but mostly I like to play. I want to be a goalkeeper

Xie Tian

KISCO Village, Anning City, Yunnan Province, China

I work in the blast furnace at a steel plant, but when I am not working I like to play soccer.

Seb Ward

Manchester, UK

Mums and sons, dads and daughters: those were the teams who stepped out onto the white sands of Calgary Beach, Mull. The pitch markings soon became difficult to see as sand cascaded from boots, wellies and very occassionally, actual football… Read More

Martin Jones

Polokwane, South Africa

On a Saturday afternoon in mid-February what else would you expect me to do other than support my local football team? Local to me in February 2014 is Polokwane City, recently promoted to South Africa’s Premiership. I bumped into the…

Corina Ciocarlie

Parco Nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, Italy. July, 2010. My remake of the final scene of Antonioni's "Blow-Up".

Luis Atilio Silva

Montevideo, Uruguay

Que soy de Nacional porque es el único equipo para defender el cual hubo gente que dejó una revolución en marcha y se vino a la ciudad; porque es la primera institución deportiva realmente nacional que se formó en este… Read More

Fernando de Moraes

Montevideo, Uruguay

Esta es mi primer piel. Los colores de mi abuelo, de mi padre y el de mis hijas. Ser hincha de Wanderers me define ante el mundo. Valores. Respeto. Caballerosidad. Obdulio Varela, Enzo Francescolli, Óscar W. Tabarez, Mauro Camoranessi, son… Read More

Joel McTaggart

Manchester, United Kingdom

Full-time at The Crabble following a 5-0 home win for the mighty Dover. My first time down there to see my dad's old local team and a huge contrast to watching Manchester City each week. As the ground is built… Read More

Ned MacDougall

Wakefield, UK

Here at Hemsworth Miners Welfare I like that the dug out is as high as the covered stand.

Richard Bishop

Preston, UK

This is the Grandstand at Great Yarmouth Town FC, it was opened on 11 June 1892 and is widely considered to be the oldest football stand in the world still in use. I watched my first match here in 1971… Read More

Mick Dennis

Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom

I've watched football on five continents, mostly for my job which, for four decades was sports journalism. But when the World Cup went to Brazil in 2014, my wife and I spent a slab of our kids' inheritance going as… Read More

Jon Bottomley

Macclesfield, UK

A photo from the away end at Stamford Bridge. As a Norwich City supporter who gets to more away games than at home, this is a symbol of support for my team, defiance, and a recognition that there is more… Read More

Mike Dunn

Northampton, England

I've just seen this photo of me at 15 or 16 in my school team, for the first time. This is probably a rare photo as this was a rugby school and football was not part of the curriculum.

Bryan Javis

Camden, UK

Here is a birds eye view of the New Den. Its from a model of London at The Building Centre which is 15 minutes walk from Euston Station. You can also see the Olympic Stadium (West Ham) on the same… Read More

Julian Millar

Bourton-on-the-Water, England

The sacking of Steve McClaren recently reminded me of the time I went to see Schalke take on his FC Twente side in the Europa League in 2012. Say what you like about the former England manager, but the Twente… Read More

Andrew Hindley

Garstang/Preston, England

Manchester United beating Arsenal 3-2!!!!!

Alex Murray

Cannock, United Kingdom

While on holiday in Crete I picked up this scarf off one of the shops that sell those fake football shirts you find literally everywhere. I picked it out simply because I had no idea who the club were and… Read More


London, United Kingdom

My first ever hand knitted Crystal Palace scarf!! EAGLES!!

mick Docking

Huddersfield, UK

The Crowd at Wembley in 1973, Norwich versus Tottenham in the League Cup final. This was taken from the Eastern Daily Press. I'm in the front row fourth from the left.

Nick Coppack

Manchester, United Kingdom

Ferenc Puskas Stadium, Budapest. I love empty football grounds. Although the funny thing is, I always imagine them full. The air electric with anticipation, the roar of the crowd, the smell of the food, the chill of the air. Most… Read More

Dan Perjovschi

Finiş, Romania

I also found this film about the Finiş football pitches I posted yesterday.

Dan Perjovschi

Finiş, Romania

The images are pretty bad. I took them from internet. These football pitches are made with EU money. They are in Finiş, which is a commune in Bihor County, Romania, two kilometers from the town of Beiuş. It is composed… Read More


Ghent, Belgium

AA Gent Ladies is the women's section of AA Gent. Founden in 1996 as Melle Ladies. In 2012 we changed our name to AA Gent Ladies. We play in the national super league, all our players are young and mostly… Read More

Ian Sayle

Stockport, England

Sadly, I never actually managed to watch football at Bayern Munich's Olympic Stadium. I wish I had, as it was where my team famously beat Bayern in 1993, but I was a teenage Norwich fan who thought we'd always have… Read More

Arthur South

Chester, UK

Clearly this is an old photograph and so I've not been here or watched this game myself, the negative has been in our family for years and no one really knows where it came from, its post-war and probably somewhere… Read More

Interpreted Worldwide: Esporte Espectacular

Manchester, UK

Interpreted Worldwide: Esporte Espectacular Alan and Neville discuss the original rules of football at the National Football Museum, on Brazilian television programme Esporte Espectacular. Contribute your own football stories from around the world to the website.


Marrakesh, Morocco

These battered match day ticket booths were next to the old football ground at the Kawkab stadium in Gueliz, Marrakesh, where Kawkab Athletic Club used to play. They have since moved to a new stadium out of town. It is… Read More

Mick Docking

Oldfields Sports Club, Uttoxeter, UK

Covered seating at Uttoxeter Town

Mick Docking

Wrexham, Wales

The Rock, Cefn Druids ground, the oldest football team in Wales

John Ryan

Soller, Majorca, Spain

Whilst on a walking holiday in Majorca, I came across this little stadium in Soller, where there were juniors training. It had an amazing backdrop of mountains, but what I most liked was the lovely pitch graphic painted on the… Read More

Giorgio Pin

London, England

Can someone please help. You see, I have a serious problem - I think I'm football mad! It all started around 2002. I hadn't been to see a football match for years and decided to go and see my beloved…

Jack Reeve

Great Yarmouth, United Kingdom

This photo was taken in a Primary School in Nairobi in 2013. I travelled out there with some school friends to carry out charity work and while we were there we had some time to play football with the children.… Read More

Mick Docking

Huddersfield, UK

This is a plaque showing the position of centre spot of Huddersfield Town's old Leeds Road ground. It is now a B & Q car park.

Mike Dunn

Northampton, England

I was lucky enough to be at this match, at 14 years of age, to see the best player in the world ever. George Best scored six goals against the Cobblers after being banned for many weeks. It was like…

Trevor Brittain

Tonbridge, England

Tonbridge Angels FC, Ryman Premier League. A montage to remember 2015 - a new manager avoids relegation, a triallist dies on the pitch mid-game and sparks a huge community effort for heart screening, the top players, unsung hero, and launch… Read More

Linda Dunn

Gairloch, Scotland

I only play football for one week of every year. It’s around Easter, and almost always in Scotland. This picture shows one of our more spectacular ‘pitches’, in Big Sand, just north of Gairloch on the west coast of Scotland.… Read More

Jeremy Hunt

London, UK

Brrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzziiiiilllllll. I love the nostalgia of football kit. I bought the Brazil shirt, and a retro Fluminense shirt in a street market in Rio de Janeiro. Jeremy Hunt in Retro Brazil football shirt and peruca do Carneval. Itamambuca, Brazil, February… Read More

Amy Gledhill

Leicester, United Kingdom

When I was in primary school I loved being 'one of the boys' and started kicking the ball around with them at lunchtime. I couldn't join the boys team to play against other schools so we set up one for…

Kevin Hives

Northampton, UK

As a young boy, I had no choice but to become a Spurs fan. My father tried hard to make me follow Blackpool in honour of his father's birth place, but when my cousin was already a young star at…

Gary Wenn

The picture I have submitted is of my two sons and step-daughter. It was away to Plymouth, my sons live in Cornwall, so it was a chance for me to visit them and get a city match in. My step-daughter… Read More

Michelle Nicholson

Manchester, U.K.

This was taken in September 2014 visiting a friend in Tarragona, I made her find a bar that would show the match!

John DeAbaitua

Manchester, Lancashire

This pic was taken outside Napoli's San Paolo Stadium in 2008. I have followed them since Maradona played for them. Unfortunately the majority of years since we're dark days culminating in them going bust. Better days have followed and in… Read More

Ben East

Manchester, England

This is me, age six, before my first ever football match in December 1980. I'm outside my grandfather's house in Old Costessey, Norwich, because he was going to take me to see Norwich take on Tottenham. People say they always…

Shaun Kastelijn

Shanghai, China

I'm on the left of this image watching Shanghai Shenhua away in the first leg of the 2015 CFA Cup Final at Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre. It's a special photo to me as I was able to move to Shanghai… Read More

Raimar Stange

Wolfsberg, Austria

Ich bin Bayern Fan seit 1968 - weil meine geliebte Großmutter mich dazu gebracht hat! English (Google Translate): I'm Bayern fan since 1968 - because my beloved grandmother got me !

Tom Pickover

Cambridge, United Kingdom

I was lucky enough to follow England (and others) at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa along with my Dad and brothers. I watched 10 games including the infamous match where we knocked out to Germany in the round… Read More

Michael Warner

Morayfield, Australia

Ipswich were playing Man Utd in a Tuesday night game back in the early 1970s. It was the Manchester team of Charlton, Best and Law. The ground was so full that the boys were pulled out of the stands and…

Tim East

Norwich, England

When Norwich played Leicester City in March 1963, I dearly wanted to go. It was the Sixth Round of the FA Cup, I was a teenager, and a big crowd was anticipated. My mother, though, really objected to me going…

Carol Ann Wood

Cambridge , United Kingdom

The Day A Dream Came True: My Munich Memory As a Chelsea supporter since the age of nine in 1970, I really have seen it all. Good, bad, indifferent, downright dire. Drama, off-field shenanigans. Sometimes I feel that my club…

Asad Zulfiqar

South London, England

I've always been in the minority, surrounded by United and City fans when living in Manchester, but I moved to London for University so now Arsenal isn't so far from home.


Welshpool, Wales

My Most Memorable Goal. It was a goal I never saw! February 28th 1959 and my team, Norwich then in the Third Division, were playing at Sheffield United for a place in the semi final of the FA Cup. At…

Keenan Siena

Littleton, Colorado, USA

Friendship mattered most

Phil Shelley

Brighton, England

I'm a long standing Brighon & Hove Albion fan, I endured the debacle when the previous chairman sold our ground in 1997 with no intention of replacing it. Watched my team playing 'home' games 70 miles away at Gillingham, and…

Chris Dunford

Bristol, UK

My view for the last 29 years! from the Popular Side Terrace at Twerton Park, home of Bath City F.C. A grand old lady, a bit tired but still a lady!

Dec Cooper

Leicester, United Kingdom

The King Power Stadium is the home ground for Leicester City, my favourite team, but I've mainly attended away matches for the last couple of seasons as I prefer the atmosphere. This season (15-16) has included watching the Foxes win… Read More

Dec Cooper

Leicester, United Kingdom

My favourite Leicester city player growing up was always Muzzy Izzet, and in recent seasons favourites have included Jamie Vardy, Esteban Cambiasso, Yakubu & Anthony Knockeart. However my favourite goal ever scored was Lilian Nalis in the Premier League 03-04…

Neville Gabie

Stroud, England

‘Believe me it ain’t easy’ – my parents killed his dog. Kevin Keegan was my hero. He was the bright light in an otherwise rather dull life of a fifteen year old and I still remember the pain I felt…

Charlie Roadnight

Bury, United Kingdom

Whilst stopping for a toilet stop in Juliaca, Bolivia on a salt flats tour, we came across this isolated football pitch next to a train line. It is without doubt the most spectacular location for a football pitch with a… Read More

Charlie Roadnight

Bury, United Kingdom

Racing Club vs. Estudiantes. An amazing atmosphere on a mild November evening, proving that Buenos Aires has way more to offer than just Boca Juniors and River Plate. The fan favourite Diego Milito was sent off as Racing Club went… Read More

Charlie Roadnight

Bury, United Kingdom

Whilst visiting Rio de Janeiro we experienced the Maracana Stadium Tour. The small museum inside the stadium really gives you a feel for the special moments that have taken places in both the new and old stadium.

Ruth Bickerstaffe

Preston, UK

This is me and my dog Sid at Lostock St Gerards FC. We watch a local football match every week, it takes more than a bit of snow to put us off

Richard Moore

Colchester, United Kingdom

This is an image of Allenby Park in Felixstowe, Suffolk. 20 years ago, my friends and I would play here all day, every day in the summer. We'd usually play until the light was so bad you couldn't see the… Read More

Sebastian salierno Matteu

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mi tatuaje pertenece a mis convicciones y de eso, jamás me arrepentiré. [translated via google translate] My tattoo signifies my convictions and so, I never regret it.

Sergio Arias

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nueva Chicago simboliza la lealtad, lo popular, y la identidad del barrio "Matadores".

Juan Pablo Ojeda

San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina

Foto tomada en mi Hostel, con mi nueva camiseta de Boca. Soy hincha de Boca porque para mi es el mejor equipo del mundo. Amo Boca desde cuando, de niño, mi hermano me regaló la bandera del club.

Charlie Roadnight

Bury, United Kingdom

Whilst on a 3 day trek through the Colca Canyon, the second deepest canyon on Earth, we came across a small pitch seemingly in the middle of nowhere.

Charlie Roadnight

Bury, United Kingdom

Santa Fe vs. Junior in Bogota, Colombia. The fans inside the stadium really made us feel welcome, including some young children who were desperate to practice their English with us. The stadium was part-full apart from at the ends of… Read More

Dave Bradford

Manchester, UK

This is my daughter's football team. She has been playing mixed and then girls only football competitively from U8s to U18s. Players Back row L:R - Lydia, Annie, Lucy, Emma, Cerys, Hattie, Olivia Front row L:R - Emily, Phoebe, AJ,… Read More


Manchester, UK

When I was a kid, my dad used to take me and my brother to watch Norwich train on a Friday before a home match at the old Trowse training ground (now a housing estate). This was a big treat,…

Charlie Roadnight

Bury, United Kingdom

We went down to a local bar in Cali, Colombia to watch the national team win against Peru. When Los Cafeteros play it's a really special atmosphere. Everyone was proudly wearing the shirt and although they were bemused to see… Read More

Charlie Roadnight

Bury, United Kingdom

A mixture of locals and tourists play football in the Sacred Valley a few miles away from the famous Ancient city of Machu Picchu in Peru. To play in such an awe-inspiring location was one of the most memorable experiences… Read More

Josh Jones

Cardiff, Wales

Guatemalan Shopkeeper

Tikal, Guatemala

This shopkeeper read the original 1848 rules and when I'd finished filming him, he insisted on keeping the camera rollling and telling me his version of the rules they play now. It's a passionate description of football from deep in… Read More

Guatemalan Shopkeeper

Tikal, Guatemala

Sadly I don't have this man's name - I filmed him reading the rules in the rainforest of Tikal. He and the other guys around him were waiting to play an improvised game of football afterwards with an unripe avacado!… Read More

Eddie Shotton

The shirt from the year of my birth, worn by a class team!

Miriam Rachel Hindley

Garstang, England

South African Team shirt, World Cup 2010. The hat is a Makarapa, hand made from a miners helmet.

Tobias Gabie

Stroud, England

One of my favourite Liverpool shirts, from the glory days...

Henry Castle

Malmesbury, England

As Leicester are doing so well at the moment, I thought I'd dig out my old kit from when i was 10. Still fits.

Oliver H

Bath, UK

Reproduction Bath City FC 1960s kit. Taken in my front room, 17.1.2016. Supporter for 15 years.

Ngaio Gabie

jaipur, india

local football tournament in Jaipur, India. Not sure if these gentlemen were officials or just spectators.

Neville Gabie

lobatse, botswana

'This is our town, Lobatse, almost in South Africa South Africa - but we are Botswana.' A team of players who interrupted their game for me to photograph them all.

Keith Bates

Manchester, UK

When I was 8 years old and living in Liverpool, I wasn’t a huge football fan but I loved watching the football results on television and was quite taken with a cardboard League Ladder that came free with the Tiger… Read More

Alan Ward

Brooklands, UK

Training top from Wednesday nights at Brooklands Sports Club, where Norwich City exiles pitted their collective wits agains allcomers.

Ben East

Manchester, UK

Although taken out of context - as this is to do with the cricket pitch on Parker's - I had to laugh when I saw this on a visit.

Neville Gabie

Stroud, England

FGR is my team. They are a UK non-league team, but maybe for not much longer. Our ground is in a small Cotswold village, Nailsworth, on the top of a hill.

Neville Gabie

Quetta, Pakistan

Some years ago I was asked to photograph people playing sports in Pakistan for Art Review magazine and the NGO Right To Play. I spent several days photographing Afghan refugees living just outside Quetta, playing football and cricket, in different… Read More

neville gabie

durban, south africa

I found this image when I was walking home whilst living in Durban. The pitch was painted onto the pavement, I imagine for some sort of improvised game - it was about the same size as a Subbuteo mat. I… Read More

‘The Crew’

Glasgow, Scotland

this is a team photo taken of a group of friends on the pitch where they play in Glasgow

Sam Hallas

Otzias, Greece

The pitch was made up of barley, wild oats and chamomile, all about knee high.

Cesar Moran

Tikal, Guatemala

I am Cesar Moran, Little Caesars Travels, Guatemala - I read the rules in the rain forest of Tikal for my friends Alan and Neville

Linda Dunn

Caye Caulker, Belize

A pitch on an island in the Belizian Cayes - Caye Caulker The pitch was mostly sand and crushed shells with a bit of rough grass, the players played 3 x 20 minute halves because it was so hot! There… Read More

Alan Ward

Antigua, Guatemala

Watched a pre-season game at the Antigua stadium, Guatemala. As we walked up to the stadium a community group band were playing. The stadium had lovely graphics above the entrance.


Lisbon, Portugal

'Ultras' green graffiti on the side of the Sporting Lisbon stadium in Lisbon Portugal


Marrakesh, Morocco

Photographed in Marrakesh. I liked the fact the pitch was completely flooded and reflecting the goal and the buildings behind.

Robert Nichols

Bradford, UK

This is a project based around an old football ground in Bradford, UK. The club disappeared out of the league in 1970 but half the ground is still there, with the old terrace covered in trees.

Alan Ward

Bradford, UK

This is the old home end at the original Bradford Park Avenue Ground off Horton Road, Bradford. The club went out of the league in 1970, and ceased to exist in 73. Half the ground is still there and the… Read More

Katrin Joost

Hamburg, Germany

All the rules in German, in my windy garden with my cat!