Richard Moore

Why this image?

This is an image of Allenby Park in Felixstowe, Suffolk. 20 years ago, my friends and I would play here all day, every day in the summer. We'd usually play until the light was so bad you couldn't see the ball until it shot past you. Rather than classic football, our favourite game was "headers and vollies", where you could only score from a header or volley. So, perhaps 4 or 5 of us would be on the pitch and one in the five-a-side goal. We'd pass the ball around in the air, so it never hit the ground, looking for the elusive volley.

Often, the ball would come arcing over and in your mind you'd see the world class volley you were about to take. Sadly a lot of balls went over the back garden fences adjoining the park and the long walk round to get the ball would begin.

You'd only get out of goal if you caught the volley (or header) before it hit the ground. This gave motivation for some pretty amazing Neville Southall style diving saves.


Colchester, United Kingdom

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