Every year three families travel to Scotland for a holiday at Easter and during that break the annual football tournament takes place – mums and sons V fathers and daughters – each location is often beautiful, and invariably the matches are very competitive. This year our special pitch was on Balnakeil beach at low tide. Over four matches the tournament ended in a glorious draw of a win each and two hard fought stalemates. One side of the pitch had much softer sand, which led to some interesting wing play. As usual there were several injuries to players, and these pictures were taken by the enforced injured player sitting out a match... An interesting addition to this year's games was the introduction of bibs for one team so that identification of fellow team members was better, it didn't necessarily improve the football though, but it caused some amusement from onlookers.

You can find previous year's locations elsewhere on this website.




Balnakeil, Scotland

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