Amy Gledhill

When I was in primary school I loved being 'one of the boys' and started kicking the ball around with them at lunchtime. I couldn't join the boys team to play against other schools so we set up one for the girls and I played defence. I remember that first match and I remember how much I cried when home out of site of the other girls because the only goal scored was one bounced accidentally off my foot into our net. It was right near the end and we lost.
I now live near Leicester City Centre and can hear fans cheering and singing on match days from the King Power Stadium (I still call it Walker's). It's nice to see people walking to the stadium in their coloured shirts all supporting the team they love. My colleague never lets me miss an update on what's happening with Leicester City, I think I now know more about Jamie Vardy than I do about my colleague!




Leicester, United Kingdom

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