Georgina Gardner Stockley

Why this image or video?

Spartak vs. Lokomotiv. October 2015.
My first experience of a Russian football match. I went with my French friend Elodie and not only did it feel like we were the only non-Russians in attendance we were the only females not accompanied by men. It was a Moscow Derby so we'd been promised great atmosphere, in fact we'd been subject to several warnings about the potential bad behaviour of the crowd, but actually it was all very civilised. They put all the rowdy supporters in a dedicated stand - this is where the smoke and fire is eminanting from in the video.
'I went to the football at the weekend', I told my Russian teacher on Monday,
'With who?'
'With Elodie.'
'So no guys? I don't understand. Why did you go to the football if it wasn't because of guys?'


Moscow, Russia

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