Gavin Head

I think it is the lifelong friends that I have made from playing and coaching football. They are special people with a unique bond sharing the same memories that give you a little tingle when recalled upon reunion. Of course the older we get the better we were but that makes us all feel good and happy that we took up the game.

Many years ago a colleague of mine came into the office and told us that Manchester United had asked his young nephew David to go up there for training. Several years later I was coaching at a Development Centre for the club I have supported all my life, Tottenham Hotspur. Turning up for work one evening I walked into the hall to find that very same David had brought his sone Brooklyn to me for coaching. We chatted about that day when his uncle had walked into the office and told us the news. Over the weeks we shared many other funny stories some of which he was able to tease his uncle with. All I can say is what a charming, delightful family man David Beckham is, strange how things work out, funny old game!




Cambridge, England

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