My Most Memorable Goal. It was a goal I never saw! February 28th 1959 and my team, Norwich then in the Third Division, were playing at Sheffield United for a place in the semi final of the FA Cup. At 18 I played for my village team on Saturdays and we were away, playing at Caister near Gt Yarmouth. I suffered a head injury, slight concussion and a big gash over my eye. No medics in attendance those days so I was bundled into a car and taken to Gt Yarmouth hospital to be stitched up. There was no waiting in those days and I was taken straight into an operating room and lay on the couch. The radio was on, the Norwich game was the commentary and we were losing 1 – 0 with our goalkeeper playing on with a dislocated shoulder. As they started to stitch my wound, Norwich, against the odds, equalised. I reacted and tried to sit up at which point I was forcibly pushed back down and told to keep still. It was a goal that kept their fantastic cup run going. On the Sunday morning early, with a headache and bandage over the eye, I was queuing for a replay ticket for a match I would not have seen but for that equaliser, which I remember every time I see that scar in the mirror.




Welshpool, Wales

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