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Can someone please help. You see, I have a serious problem - I think I'm football mad! It all started around 2002. I hadn't been to see a football match for years and decided to go and see my beloved Arsenal and finally get to see Ian Wright, Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry etc. After that I figured it was about time I got up to see games at Anfield and Old Trafford. They were great trips so I figured on doing the lot, all 92. No one told me about the 92, I just figured on doing it. Anyway, since then, there has been no looking back. It has got a bit out of hand in recent years, however. I mean, I'm always going to a football match. So I figured it would be a good idea to keep track of how many games I go to. Three seasons ago I went to 70 games. I remember being quite chuffed with myself at the time. I mean, there can't be a football club in the land that plays that many games. The following season I saw exactly 70 games again. Then I started thinking, 'That's 140 games in two years!! That's too much.' The upsetting thing was, was that I was paying for Sky Sports but was never at home to watch it. So I decided I would make an effort to cut down on my footy. But, last season, despite my efforts, I still went to 69 games. I was most upset with myself, I can tell you!! So I decided to double my efforts this season but things are not going well as I attended my 47th game last weekend. What is going on? I mean isn't 30 or 40 games a season enough for anyone? Shouldn't I just get a season ticket for some club and be done with it?

Recently, things have spiralled out of control. I am in despair! The last few years I have been visiting friends in Holland and we always get to see a few games. This year, that trip is off, so a few weeks ago, I was looking at the euro competition fixtures in February and saw Bayer Leverkusen are playing Atletico Madrid with Borrusia Munchengladbach playing Sevilla the following evening. These two clubs are not so far apart so I figured it would be a good trip and went and booked the flights etc. All well and good.

The problem is, the other day I was talking to a friend who lives in Ireland and he was saying that he is going to see Celtic v Inter on February 19th and he can get me a ticket, do I want to go?

I'm like,' Chris, I'm sorry but I'm going to Germany for footy the following week, I can't. I've got £560 on my credit card so far this month, I can't. Sorry, but I really can't.' Also, I have already been to Scotland twice so far this season - for footy obviously (I mean, why else would anyone go to Scotland?!!).

The thing is, Chris has planted seeds in my mind hasn't he and the next couple of days I'm thinking about going to Scotland. Then I'm checking the Saturday fixtures and note that Motherwell are at home so I could get to see another Scottish club. So I've only gone and booked this trip to Scotland. Is this my fault or Chris's? I mean, I was doing ok until he started talking about Celtic.

I am now going to Scotland on a Thursday, coming back on Sunday and then off to Germany on Tuesday.


Can someone please tell me - Are these the normal trials and tribulations of a ground hopper or have I completely lost it? Is there a game on tonight anyone?




London, England

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