The Egypt stone arrives and is installed at Maadi Olympic Centre Cairo!

Despite this year being a challenge for obvious reasons, and the location of our Egyptian stone having to change, we are delighted to finally be able to confirm the arrival and safe installation of our last global stone. It sits overlooking a football pitch and athletics track at the Maadi Olympic Centre Cairo, Egypt. This location is where national teams and athletes come together to train. We have worked closely with Nancy Elamir and Mona Abdelgawad at The British Council in Egypt, Nadia El-Sebai at the British-Arab Centre and Dr Shaimaa Abo Abla, who with their support have helped locate the Cambridge Rules Stone.

This means that the sharing of the Cambridge Rules 1848 story is complete, with stones residing in Brazil, China, India, Kenya and now Egypt.

Written in stone – Interpreted Worldwide – Brought back to Cambridge.

As you can see from these images, its installation was completed on a day with weather more akin to Manchester. We will be receiving further images shortly and these will also be posted on the website.

Once again thank you to everyone involved in organising this stone’s installation, during such difficult times.