The Cambridge Rules 1848 legacy book has printed!

Now that the final stone has been placed in Egypt, we have been able to go to print on the book of the project. It is a miniature version of the sculpture with a special sleeve. 800 pages of the project development and making, our global partner locations, and many of the submissions to the website from our contributors from around the world.

Thanks to Graphius in Ghent and Antwerp for supplying us with images of it printing, as we were sadly unable to go and see it on press. Printed on an uncoated paper stock using uv presses, it was dry straight off the press allowing them to stack each section (two per sheet) on top of each other.

At the beginning of January we will announce a date for an on-line book launch, share copies with our local and global partners. This will bring the project to an end for us, but of course the website will remain and will continue to grow as posts are added. There will be a limited number of copies of the book available to purchase, details will follow with details of the book launch.