A Special Unveiling Poem by Carol Ann Wood: Cambridge Rules Okay

The beautiful game brings us passion and joy,
To many an adult, or small girl and boy.

It brings friends together, and sometimes brings tears
When you follow your team through the trophy-less years.

But mostly there’s passion and striving to win.
Whatever your colours or the team you are in.

There’s a fabulous story that needs to be known.
Right here were the seeds of the modern game sewn.

On our own Parker’s Piece and it’s proudly displayed,
Giving homage to every game ever played.

We’re proud that grass roots were lain down in this place.
Our city, our students, our very own space.

But football’s for everyone, everywhere.
And so this historical moment we’ll share

With our friends who love football from near and from far.
Each player’s a hero, each player’s a star.

So here’s to the reason we’re all here today.
To the beautiful game! And the game rules okay!

© Carol Ann Wood
May 2018




Cambridge, UK

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