We want as many people to contribute photographs, stories or video from their own personal experience of playing and enjoying the spectacle of football. It does not need to be about the football clubs, stadia, shirts, or players we all know about. Rather, we want to know about your own particular grounds, kit, team and stories – the hidden histories of each of you shared with the world.

The headings are now live. You can submit pictures of where you watch or play football. Create your own unique football card of you, your team or who you support. Or tell us an interesting or unusual personal football story. Or submit to all catagories!

All your contributions will be uploaded onto the website. Our intention is to create a truly global window focused on your football experience from the backyards of Europe to the wilderness of Africa, the jungles of Asia or the streets of South America. Wherever you play and whom ever you play with, we would like to share that experience.

This will be a celebration of football seen through your eyes. Click on one of these headings and make a contribution to the website.

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