Where do you go to watch football?

We want to see for ourselves and to share with others your photographs of where you might choose to watch a game of football. It could be children playing on a street corner or in a local park. Or perhaps you follow an established club with a history or tradition of it’s own. Maybe you always watch the match standing in a particular part of the ground, or perhaps you have your own seat. We want to share that view.

Please take a photograph from where you like to watch framing the view that you would see. Even better, if your are able ask someone else to take a photograph of you from behind, sitting or standing to watch the game. As an example please see our image below.

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Take a picture of your view or location then upload your image here or submit a link to the image on Instagram.

The image should be in jpg format and of a maximum size of 5mb. Ensure the picture is the correct way round.

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Please tell us about the image you have submitted, where and when you took it and why it is so special for you. We would like to include as much of the story behind the photograph as we can for others to share.

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