About Cambridge Rules

What began as a simple set of rules for a game of football played on a patch of ground in Cambridge, has grown into a worldwide phenomena embraced by diverse cultures around the world.

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Written in Stone

One large stone cut into nine, engraved with the laws of the game in different languages. The four cornerstones stay on Parker’s Piece, the others travel to five countries across the planet in a cultural exchange.

Written in Stone

Interpreted Worldwide

For centuries, Parker's Piece has been used for sport, recreation and public events. But where do you play football? Share your stories, photographs and film about the beautiful game wherever it is played.

Interpreted Worldwide

Brought Back to Cambridge

In 2017, football stories, images and sounds gathered from around the world will be displayed on Parker’s Piece as Cambridge’s stone marker is unveiled - celebrating the city’s role in the story of football.

Brought Back to Cambridge


neville gabie

Football in Antarctica In a week where Halley 6 research station in Antarctica has been on the national news because the British Antarctic Survey are to shut the base over winter for safety reasons – now seemed like a good… Read More

halley V research station, antarctica

neville gabie

a photograph taken by Frank Hurley, part of Ernest Shackleton's ill-fated expedition to Antarctica in 1913. The ship got stuck in the ice on the Weddell sea and was ultimately abandoned. The photograph is of a game of football played… Read More

weddell sea, antarctica

Cumprimentos De Portugal, Dia 3

With the stone cut for the sculpture – it will now slowly make its way back to the UK when we’ll begin etching the original Cambridge Rules in many languages – our final day in Portugal gave us the opportunity to look more closely at what football… Read More

Cambridge Rules 1848


Cumprimentos de Portugal, dia 2

Hope you enjoyed our Twitter-based tales of our first day in Portugal getting acquainted with the stone which will become the granite sculpture in Parker’s Piece. Day 2 in Portugal started off with media commitments! After appearing in Cambridge News and BBC Online, Neville spoke to Dotty… Read More

Cambridge Rules 1848


Saudações de Portugal

As you may have already seen, now that planning permission has been granted for the Cambridge Rules 1848 sculpture on Parker’s Piece, we can get on with the business of actually making it. And the first step, obviously, is to get the stone. Alan and Neville are… Read More

Cambridge Rules 1848


Final designs for Parker’s Piece sculpture revealed

Late last year we were delighted to get planning permission for the exciting new sculpture commissioned by Cambridge City Council, marking the place at which the rules of football as we know them today were first played: Parker’s Piece, Cambridge. So here are the final designs for… Read More


John Standup

Non –league in the fog. Forest Green Rovers v Dover Athletic. 17th December 2016 With a 45 minute delay for floodlight failure, our game kicked off when most were beginning their half-time break. By the beginning of the second half… Read More

Stroud , England