About Cambridge Rules

What began as a simple set of rules for a game of football played on a patch of ground in Cambridge, has grown into a worldwide phenomena embraced by diverse cultures around the world.

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Written in Stone

One large stone cut into nine, engraved with the laws of the game in different languages. The four cornerstones stay on Parker’s Piece, the others travel to five countries across the planet in a cultural exchange.

Written in Stone

Interpreted Worldwide

For centuries, Parker's Piece has been used for sport, recreation and public events. But where do you play football? Share your stories, photographs and film about the beautiful game wherever it is played.

Interpreted Worldwide

Brought Back to Cambridge

In 2017, football stories, images and sounds gathered from around the world will be displayed on Parker’s Piece as Cambridge’s stone marker is unveiled - celebrating the city’s role in the story of football.

Brought Back to Cambridge

Cambridge Rules Podcast 2: 12 June 2016

PODCAST 2: Listen here to the podcast recorded at @WD_CFC vs @FCUnitedMcr as we explore what makes the club so special.      

Cambridge Rules 1848


Cambridge Rules Podcast 1: 29 June 2016

Presented by Ben East, this is the first in a new series of podcasts about the Cambridge Rules commission. We explore the rules, the website contributions to date and the new opportunities to post your favourite football songs and chants.    

Ghent, Belgium

Susan Gunn

I organised a ‘Gunn’ family holiday to Barcelona to take in some art, culture and football; the flights and accommodation were booked to take in FC Barcelona v Real Betis game in the Spanish Super Cup, listed on the official… Read More




Manchester, United Kingdom

Cambridge Rules 1848


Gill Hayes

May 9th 1987 and Burnley stood on the edge of oblivion. Needing a win to avoid relegation out of the football league, they were playing at a standard that made their league position perfectly reasonable. I'm a life-long Burnley fan… Read More



Manchester, UK

Tobias Gabie

Chalong Police - Station Chief Officer and Chalong Police FC player Being in Thailand meant staying up until 4am to see Liverpool play Villa Real in the Europa League Semi-Final. Looking out into the night sky, not far from where… Read More

Rawai, Phuket, Thailand, Thailand

Xie Tian

When I am not working in the blast furnaces I do soccer training. This is where we go. It is next to the KISCO stadium in Anning City.

Anning City, Yunnan Province,, China

Christopher Priday

Liam visted his 100th football ground on 5th December 2015 as Alton Town played host to East Cowes Victoria in their final game at their Bass Sports Ground. Follow Liam's travels on twitter @Cpriday

Havant, England