Cambridge Rules 1848 legacy artist bookwork is published!

One hundred and sixty five years after a group of students from Cambridge University first nailed their rules of the game of football to a tree, Cambridge City Council agreed to undertake a public art commission to celebrate the ‘Cambridge Rules’ and acknowledge the important role that Parker’s Piece played in the birth of football not just in Cambridge, but nationally and internationally.

Unusual and collectable, this artist bookwork is a scale model of the sculptural piece that sits on Parker’s Piece, Cambridge. It is a journey through Neville Gabie and Alan Ward’s commissioned work, to celebrate the birthplace of football as we know it at Parker’s Piece in Cambridge. It explores the history of the first written rules, the development of the physical piece, the collaboration with Street Child United, and the cultural exchange with the international partners in Brazil, China, Egypt, India and Kenya. The book also reproduces many varied submissions to the website from the project’s international audience, and is liberally scattered with additional QR coded content that exists on-line, including video and audio.

Technical details: 800 pages, exposed bound with a printed card sleeve, 2 bookmarks and a bespoke box.
Dimensions: 140mm high by 60mm wide and deep
ISBN: 978-1-9164089-0-6