About Cambridge Rules

What began as a simple set of rules for a game of football played on a patch of ground in Cambridge, has grown into a worldwide phenomena embraced by diverse cultures around the world.

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Written in Stone

One large stone cut into nine, engraved with the laws of the game in different languages. Four stones stay on Parker’s Piece, the others travel to five countries across the planet in a cultural exchange.

Written in Stone

Interpreted Worldwide

For centuries, Parker's Piece has been used for sport, recreation and public events. But where do you play football? Share your stories, photographs and film about the beautiful game wherever it is played.

Interpreted Worldwide

Brought Back to Cambridge

In 2018, football stories, images and sounds gathered from around the world will be displayed on Parker’s Piece as Cambridge’s stone marker is unveiled - celebrating the city’s role in the story of football.

Brought Back to Cambridge

Robert Nichols

May 7th 2016 - Middlesbrough v Brighton and Hove Albion Minutes before kick off. This was a rare moment of intense emotion and support for our cause, as experienced from my seat in the North Stand at the Riverside. When… Read More

Middlesbrough, England, UK

Edwin Van Den Berg

The World Cup in South Africa changed our country overnight. I do not remember joy like that for a very long time. The only great sadness was that just before the opening ceremony Nelson Mandella's 13 year old granddaughter Zenani,… Read More

johannesburg, south africa

Shamus O’Neil

Shamrock Rovers FC - The best team in Ireland. Love going there, love seeing the team in green

dublin, ireland

peter smith

Never been to Asia before - amazing few weeks.

southampton, england


New five-a-side pitch in stainless steel spotted in Ghent, a really lovely modernist piece of pitch architecture. Why do their pitches always look nicer than ours...

Manchester, United Kingdom

Jon B

Got, Got, Not Got... Completed this season's special panini style ncfc celebration

Bollington, United Kingdom

Cambridge Rules 1848

Mick Docking

During a visit to Westfields I realised I could see the floodlights to three grounds in total. Besides Westfield, to the left and over the fence behind the path is the floodlights of Hereford Lads Club. Then If you look… Read More

Huddersfield, United Kingdom

nigel stephens

Chloe my daughter and me outside Wembley for and England match. No longer our home since we are back at White Hart Lane - and not too soon!

Croydon, England

Henry Castle

On Holiday in Morocco

imil Valley Atlas mountains Morocco, Morocco