About Cambridge Rules

What began as a simple set of rules for a game of football played on a patch of ground in Cambridge, has grown into a worldwide phenomena embraced by diverse cultures around the world.

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Written in Stone

One large stone cut into nine, engraved with the laws of the game in different languages. Four stones stay on Parker’s Piece, the others travel to five countries across the planet in a cultural exchange.

Written in Stone

Interpreted Worldwide

For centuries, Parker's Piece has been used for sport, recreation and public events. But where do you play football? Share your stories, photographs and film about the beautiful game wherever it is played.

Interpreted Worldwide

Brought Back to Cambridge

In 2018, football stories, images and sounds gathered from around the world will be displayed on Parker’s Piece as Cambridge’s stone marker is unveiled - celebrating the city’s role in the story of football.

Brought Back to Cambridge


Every day I walk to work past this sign, with all the supporters stickers on it. It often changes after matches. My local team West Didsbury and Chorlton FC is represented but is being covered by other stickers, it is… Read More

Manchester, UK



Wroclaw, Poland

nathan flag

away at Oxford United -

Cambridge Rules 1848


Hi my name is Erlis, I'm a tour guide for cycling holidays in Albania. Recently Alan, one of the Cambridge Rules artists, was on one of my tours and he told me about the Cambridge Rules. We watched Albania play… Read More



Shkodër, Albania
Manchester, UK


  It’s one of the most legendary locations in sport, so Cambridge Rules 1848 is delighted that the first of five stones inscribed with the original rules of football that the project celebrates has been unveiled at The Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Young people… Read More

Linda Dunn

If you look carefully there is a lovely stadium nestling amongst the houses in beautiful Gjirokastër, Albania. The Stadiumi Luftetari is home to KF Luftëtari Gjirokastër. It has a capacity of 8400. The team came third in the Albania Superliga… Read More

Gjirokastër, Albania

Linda Dunn

A road side grave for a football fan or player in Albania. It looks a bit like a tournament trophy. I looked its location up on returning to UK, and it is there on streetview, but there is no football… Read More

Petran, Albania

Linda Dunn

Whilst on a cycling holiday in Albania I saw this well used pitch, with a wonderful mountain range in the background. So I stopped to take a picture for the website.

Mollas, Albania